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Why aren't there barlines in the piano solo parts in Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5?

In the beginning of this piece you'll notice that the piano solo part has no barlines. Why? And why does he use 16th notes? How can a "16th" note have...

Asked on 01/06/2022

1 answer

How can you listen and judge where you are in the music whilst improvising?

When improvising over a chord progression, I have a hard time knowing where I'm at. I'm thinking about what I am trying to play and not listening to what going...

Asked on 01/06/2022 by mike628

7 answer

Boss rc3 Looper: playback is happening during recording

I just bought a used rc3 looper. The loops are playing back before I finish them, and I cant seem to delete it once I've recorded to a track. I...

Asked on 01/04/2022

1 answer

What is the American system for graded teaching/examination of beginner musicians?

In many parts of the world, beginner musicians are taught and examined using a syllabus that is divided into "grades". It is a well known shorthand for ability level ("I...

Asked on 01/02/2022

7 answer

5-position switch in an HH Strat set up for a killswitch

I am about to purchase a Strat-style guitar. It has two humbuckers, and a 5-way switch. It only has one tone and one volume. I'd like to...

Asked on 01/02/2022

2 answer

Double Augmented 4th?

This is from page 106 of The Complete Elementary Music Rudiments, 2nd Edition by Mark Sarnecki. It is...

Asked on 01/02/2022

2 answer

Help understanding the chord analysis and key of song, "You Are" by Kem

Please help if you can analyze the song "You Are" by Kem.Verse progression is | D#m | B | D#m | B| D#m ...

Asked on 12/31/2021 by Steve Miller

4 answer

Are notes played on the beat [always] played louder?

I know that the 4/4 time signature is played as [ONE-two-Three-four]. But in the third beat of the first measure there are two 8th...

Asked on 12/26/2021 by user69075

5 answer

Change GarageBand key pitch/scale

I am very new to GarageBand and music in general, so please excuse me if this is a noob question. I can display the virtual keyboard and play it. There...

Asked on 12/26/2021 by Kakar

2 answer

Maintaining pulse, changing measure length

TLDR; So I've got a piece that's predominantly in a nice, slow, 4/4 common time at 76 bpm. Halfway through however, in order for the score to not look...

Asked on 12/24/2021 by Oscar Wilson

1 answer

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