What does this joke mean from the cartoon Marvel's Spider-Man episode "Horizon High: Part Two"?

Movies & TV Asked on February 28, 2021

In the episode, Max introduces Peter to his classmates. One of Peter’s classmates wanted to show off his new security robot. However, the security robot mistakes Peter for an intruder and lifts up Peter from the floor. Max asks everyone how the robot could have been improved. When it came time for Peter to give his answer, Peter says "Uh’ boxers instead of briefs." Everyone laughs which makes me think Peter’s response was meant to be a joke.

However, I don’t understand this joke. How could Peter’s underwear choice improved the robot? It sounds like a random statement, but I feel there is supposed to be something more to it. Is it a pop culture reference? A pun or a play on words? Something about boxers vs briefs and robots I’m not seeing?

Maybe, the joke is going over my head? Can someone explain the joke to me?

Below is a link to the scene. Sorry, that it is not in English.

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