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Why did Nancy forgive Steve even after he called her a slut?

In Chapter 6: The Monster of Season 1 of Stranger Things, Steve had seen Nancy and Jonathan together in her house. Based on what he saw he assumed that Nancy...

Asked on 11/30/2020 by Dhanishtha Ghosh

1 answer

How was Ben Rickert able to secure an ISDA agreement?

In The Big Short, the Ben Rickert character, played by Brad Pitt, helps a small hedge fund secure an ISDA agreements with institutional banks so the small fund can start...

Asked on 11/25/2020 by nipponese

1 answer

How were the video screens in Chaplin's Modern Times filmed?

The factory scenes in Modern Times feature huge futuristic screens used to make video calls. They obviously didn't use real television screens, as technology was not advanced enough to do...

Asked on 11/01/2020 by vsz

0 answer

Switch in *The Matrix* - Two Actors?

Recently I found an article quoting an IMDb Factoid that the character Switch in The Matrix was supposed to be played by two actors, one male and one female:...

Asked on 10/22/2020 by Catija

2 answer

How do they record the voice track in heavy rain scenes?

The voice track in Dark, especially in the heavy rain scenes of which there are quite a few, seems at odds with what we see on screen. The words don't...

Asked on 10/07/2020 by suckrates

1 answer

What does it mean, "on a three"?

Mike calls for help when his partner detective Mike got shot down:Mike: Three-fifteen. Shots fired. Officer down. Jose Marti Park. We need Air One on a three.What does it mean,...

Asked on 08/21/2020 by Nelson Blake

1 answer

Why is Tom James consider VP-elect at the end of Veep Season 4

In the last episode of Veep Season 4, they say that in the event of a tied vote it goes to the House and each state gets a vote (I...

Asked on 08/17/2020 by dspyz

0 answer

What is the timeline of The Lorax? Why don't the older townspeople remember the trees?

My daughter is obsessed with The Lorax (2012), so I've watched a few times in the past week, and there's one thing that bugs me: what is the...

Asked on 07/27/2020 by Alvaro Montoro

3 answer

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