I have a 2009 Chevy impala and when you put it in drive the car moved about 5 feet then when I push on the gas the engine revs like it’s in neutral

Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Asked by Khristina Pepper on December 25, 2020

Do I need a new Engine? It has an automatic transmission do I need new transmission? Is it a valve or belt ? Please help

One Answer

Because the motor starts and runs, you don't need a new engine. ("Valve" or "belt" sound like engine parts. They're working fine, and don't need replacement.)

There is, however, a problem with the transmission. It may be low on transmission fluid, or need some other service. It may be beyond servicing and require replacement. Given your level of mechanical knowledge, I'd take the car to a transmission shop. If the car doesn't move under its own power, then you'll have to have it towed.

Answered by DavidSupportsMonica on December 25, 2020

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