Exhaust 98 Ford Expedition

Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Asked on December 26, 2021

I need a complete exhaust system. Someone gave me 1. Not sure that it will fit my truck. How can I find out? It also includes a catylic converter. Mine currently has a hole in it. How do I find out if the catylic converter is strong enough to exhaust my engine? I’m probably not asking the right questions but it’s a start. Thank you for your time!

One Answer

Well, first I would get the part numbers off the system you have just been given - a bit of research or seeing an exhaust place will tell which engine / model they match (you don’t mention engine type size)

Or you could remove the old one and lay both systems out and see if they match - not always conclusive as slight angle changes make a huge difference.

Answered by Solar Mike on December 26, 2021

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