Is it possible to fight while unconscious?

Martial Arts Asked by Dav Us on October 22, 2021

In some anime or manga, characters have powers like berserk or the exceptionally strong will to fight even after he or she fainted. For example, Rock Lee from anime Naruto can do it with his muscle memory. Is this possible in reality? And if yes, how can we train our muscle memory so well?

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It happened to me this weekend... yes I trained when young (16years old now 51years old) with Robert and Danny Williams, Ti crane in High Point NC. I got sucker punched and was knocked out...I hit the concrete floor, back of my skull lumped up. When I got my sight and hearing back I was being tackled... When I asked why I was being punched and beat up by my close friends... They told me what had just happened in the last couple minutes. They said “you got knocked out, hit the floor, then got up and squared off and knocked out the person that sucker punched you! But you didn’t have to keep beating him because he was out cold, I proceeded to curb stop him while he and myself were both unconscious He now has a broken jaw.

Answered by Danny on October 22, 2021

I'm generally opposed to anime questions, but there are a significant handful of MMA fights where one fighter is known to be semi-conscious yet still fighting. Edgar/Maynard 2 is my go-to example: Edgar is clearly concussed early, and has said on the record that he has no memory of multiple rounds, but he fought to a split draw nevertheless. He picked Maynard up and slammed him while in some sense "he" was not present.

We see this to varying degrees in other fights. Several fighters have been knocked out, then sluggishly, blindly, wrestle the referee who saved them. It's akin to sleep-walking.

Answered by Dave Liepmann on October 22, 2021

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