Adjustable dumbells instead of Chi Ishi

Martial Arts Asked by Noufal Ibrahim on October 22, 2021

I’ve been trying to practice the Hojo Undo exercises as part of my karate training. I’ve been following a book (Art of Hojo Undo) for this and have found it useful especially the makiwara and nigiri game.

I had a question about the chi ishi (weighted levers). The book recommends building them using cement and a wooden dowel. However, I found that using an adjustable dumbbell with weights only on one side was a simpler construction. The difference I can think of is that dowel (which in this case would be a dumbbell bar) would be heavy itself. This would change the weight distribution of the tool.

I wanted to know if people here use this and whether my concern about the weight distribution is genuine or whether I can just go ahead and continue using this.

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