WYSIWYG media directory contents removed

Magento Asked by Tyler V. on November 12, 2020

Yesterday a client of mine on Magento Community had all of their media from the /media/wysiwyg/ directory deleted. We assumed human error. Then today, another client on Magento Enterprise had the same thing happen. These are hosted on different servers, on different accounts, with different Magento versions. It’s quite the coincidence, so I’m concerned that something sinister might be happening here, such as an unpatched vulnerability.

If you look at the Insert Image… screen on CMS pages, there isn’t a way to delete the entire contents of the “Storage Root” folder. So I’m not actually sure how an Admin could have even accidentally deleted the entire contents of this directory without going folder to folder and deleting each one.

Have any of you seen this happen before?

One Answer

Please change this setting and check

Admin->System->Configuration->General(Content Management)->WYSIWYG Options->Use Static URLs for Media Content in WYSIWYG for Catalog

Change this to "Yes".

Answered by Ashish Jagnani on November 12, 2020

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