How to Special price based on attribute?

Magento Asked by user90560 on July 26, 2020

Is it possible to set special price automatically based on a attribute?

I have an attribute called offerprice in which I enter the percentage of discount.

So if the product price is $100 and I enter 10 in the offerprice field, the special price would automatically be calculated to $90

2 Answers

In this case, You can do some customisation based on that attribute. You have to set Special price also and need to override/customise getFinalPrice() function.

In that function you can check that attribute's value is yes then workflow as it is. If that attribute's value us no then getFinalPrice() == getActualPrice() and. return finalPrice.

Answered by arpit2011 on July 26, 2020

You can create cart price rule based on Attribute. You have create and assign attribute to product.

Attribute Type Yes/No. Based on that attribute value you can create cart price rule and set condition.

Answered by arpit2011 on July 26, 2020

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