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Are zzz's associated with sleeping outside of english-speaking cultures?

Zzz's are often used in comics or cartoons to mean sleeping, or snoring. Is this meaning understood widely in the world, or just western/english-speaking cultures?...

Asked on 10/23/2021

3 answer

Is h↓ the correct IPA representation of the ingressive "fast gasp", meaning "uh-huh", in French?

Spoken French has two ingressive forms of "yes". One is "ouais" [wɛ↓], equivalent to "yep" in English. The other is a "pure" ingressive sound, described sometimes as a "...

Asked on 10/23/2021 by Scott Deerwester

1 answer

Are there any studies on some English passive verb constructions currently being replaced by new intransitive senses?

In the past couple of years I've noticed a new trend in younger generations of native English speakers, at least in American English and Australian English. But I can't find...

Asked on 10/23/2021

0 answer

Is there a sound change from [ɡ] to [i] or [j]?

Is there a sound change from [ɡ] to [i] or [j]? Also, is it possible for [i] to become [ɡ] or only vice versa (as what I'm looking for). I...

Asked on 10/23/2021

5 answer

Has the development of double consonants in Latin been studied?

When one studies both Latin and Greek, one of the most prominent differences between the two is the much greater number of double consonants in Latin. While Greek does have...

Asked on 10/23/2021

0 answer

What are the phonological rules or constraints for these pairs of words?

Mongol-MongoliaArab-ArabiaBabylon-BabylonianBoston-Bostoniancomedy-comediancolony-colonial I know that the vowel in the second syllable is lengthened, but what are the rules or constraints for the lengthening?...

Asked on 10/23/2021

1 answer

Is the Ethiopian word "falash[a]" related to the words Philistine or Palestine?

I apologize I don't know how to read Amharic or Ge'ez well (at all) [I am most certainly only an amateur at linguistics], and my Hebrew and Arabic are also...

Asked on 10/23/2021 by Geoff Nixon

1 answer

A question about connotation meaning and denotation meaning

Here is a word, "flightless" which means "(of a bird or an insect) naturally unable to fly". So should we say it refers to the word's denotation meaning or connotation...

Asked on 10/23/2021 by ronghe

1 answer

What kind of i-mutation is PG mahtiz OE meaht?

What kind of i-mutation is PG mahtiz OE meaht? I don't see it (a ~ ea) in this table....

Asked on 10/23/2021 by nastenka

0 answer

Norwegian Translation Codes (no, nn, nb) - Which to use on a website?

I have a website which currently uses the Norwegian language code 'no' for translations, but I am not a native speaker and noticed some differences between 'no' and 'nb' when...

Asked on 10/23/2021 by Pepper.Seattle

2 answer

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