Meaning of 열악하다?

Korean Language Asked by KrJpnLinguistNoob on August 2, 2020

Just a simple question this time! 😀 What is the meaning of 열악하다? From what I figured it means poor (quality) or to be deteriorated, but I’d like to check what it means.

Thanks in advance!

2 Answers

The word 열악(劣惡) is, like many others, hanja based. The first hanja means inferior, lower, weak and the second one means bad, ugly etc.

So the whole expression 열악하다 does mean inferior quality or capacity, or deteriorated, like the 표준국어대사전 states.

Correct answer by Charles Reis Ribeiro on August 2, 2020

It means, The circumstances are very poor. usually, we reference this work-related or project related.

Answered by Jin Lim on August 2, 2020

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