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This operation cannot be executed: The subtangle has not been updated yet

When I try to send the hello message to tangle, it is returning this error message. I have 2 neighbour nodes and POW enabled in the nodes....

Asked on 12/25/2021 by KISHPDLK

0 answer

IOTA Light Wallet returns Request Error when sending funds

I am running IOTA Light Wallet 2.5.4 and am connected to my own full node that is in-sync with 4 healthy tangle connections. The minimum weight magnitude (MWM) is set...

Asked on 08/21/2021 by Matt Clark

2 answer

Is it possible to cancel a transaction?

I made a transaction from Android wallet to Exchange A of 10Gi. The transaction is in pending. I tried a few times to reattach, but the transaction is still in...

Asked on 08/21/2021 by overkill22

3 answer

Extracting data from the tangle

The ownership distribution of Iota has been written about but how does one get these addresses? I looked at the Iota API and don't see an obvious...

Asked on 08/21/2021 by SatoshiReport

1 answer

Transfer from Multisig into normal address

I am following the example described here: I put funds into a multisig. Now I want to move that funds out of the multisig address....

Asked on 08/21/2021

1 answer

toTrytes() does not work

I'm always getting this error without understanding why.TypeError: Cannot read property 'toTrytes' of undefinedCode:// Require the use of IOTA libraryconst Iota = require('@iota/core')// Create a new instance of...

Asked on 08/21/2021 by Mo G.

2 answer

IOTA "C" version (CClient) and feasibility of signing transactions on ESP32?

An article recently has been published entitled "Running the IOTA "CClient" library on ESP32" (>>>Link to Article<<<). It is not clear to me if by using...

Asked on 08/21/2021 by Questioner

1 answer

how to trace the iota tip from the milestone transaction when there is no reference to the future transactions

As written in multiple forums, IoTA tips are chosen using the random walk method starting at the milestone transaction. The milestone transaction will have the reference to the old transactions....

Asked on 08/21/2021 by userven

2 answer

How is IOTA´s transaction hash determined?

Ive been looking through documentation and articles but couldnt really find anything about it. I assume its the hash of all concatenated attributes? I am not talking about the bundle...

Asked on 08/21/2021

2 answer

Receiving JSON messages from ZMQ feed using an IRI fullnode

I am trying to use ZMQ feeds to monitor IRI nodes and addresses, but I am having trouble obtaining the "Message" in text and/or JSON. I am using this code:...

Asked on 08/21/2021 by W. Churchill

2 answer
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