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Stream any audio from Android phone to multi-room speakers?

Is it possible to stream any audio from an Android phone to a multi-room speaker setup? I would like to invest in some multi-room speakers, but I do not use...

Asked on 01/05/2022

2 answer

Are MQTT Brokers able to retain/cache some data for a certain amount of time and then send to the subscribers?

I currently have a Mosquitto MQTT Broker on which some IoT Nodes publish their information on a specific topic. I have an instance of Telegraf from InfluxData running that subscribes...

Asked on 11/07/2021

1 answer

ESP OTA from Github

I want to be able to program my ESP32 (same for ESP8266) remotely, I have used ArduinoOTA without problems, and I can upload the file into the ESP selecting the...

Asked on 11/07/2021 by Sembei Norimaki

1 answer

Do you know of any product that uses the uCOS RTOS?

For an assignment for uni I need to find consumer products using uC/OS by Micrium (currently Sillicon Labs). Can't find anything that's not from their customer stories. I think it...

Asked on 11/07/2021 by Kelvin Armitage

1 answer

Signal Processing in LoRa

I was working with LoRa interfacing with microcontrollers and realized that I'd require encryption of data in my design. Can someone tell me if I would require signal processing for...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Pankajkumar

2 answer

Integrating STM32 device with smart lock via BLE

I am using a Particle Boron to integrate with a Smart lock but I am not being able to do it. I'm using Particle's...

Asked on 08/23/2021

0 answer

Securing wifi SSID and password during provisioning

This is yet another provisioning BLE/Wifi question. We are looking to secure the initial communication between our mobile application and smart device (esp32, ble and wifi). We want to make...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by AshUK

0 answer

Mini weather station project not working

I have been trying to do this project for 2 weeks. The project is about mini weather station. It uses esp8266, DHT11 sensor,BMP180 sensor and FC 37 rain sensor. I...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Dharshinii Ravikumar

0 answer

Flutter vs React Native (for building IoT Applications)

Good day Experts! I need your valuable suggestions regarding a very important decision in my development life. I need to know which framework is best suitable for IoT applications like...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by user12326

0 answer

When and why to use MQTT protocol?

I am developing a device which measures temperature, humidity and mass. Currently it uses HTTPS to upload data to a remote server. Now I know that there is a protocol...

Asked on 08/23/2021

6 answer
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