Why is my Honda generator running rough, if at all?

Home Improvement Asked on May 9, 2021

Currently trying to diagnose the issue with my Honda Eu1000i Generator.

  • New spark plug
  • Changed oil
  • Changed gas
  • Cleaned entire carburetor

Had the engine running rough for a while and haven’t gotten it back there. I can use starting fluid sprayed and it runs well until starting fluid is over.

I don’t think it is getting gas, although when it was running it did run for about 30 minutes. This "fluke running" was before starting fluid applied but after the other listed items for cure.

enter image description hereenter image description here

One Answer

These Honda EU engines are known for carburetor issues when they're not exercised regularly. I tend to run mine under a load about monthly. It's quite a common issue in RV circles.

But given that you've already cleaned it, I might look at replacing the fuel pump. Or, honestly, I'd probably swap out the carb for a new one.

Answered by Doug S on May 9, 2021

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