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Home Improvement Asked on January 5, 2022

We have a sconce on the outside of our brick house on a covered patio currently. I would like to run conduit from it to allow us to place an exterior fan on the same covered porch. My questions:
1) Can I add an exterior junction box and run conduit from it (all surface mounted) to the new fan placement,
2) mount a new sconce on the junction box (hopefully covering most of the box)
3) Mount the fan to a fan rated exterior junction box which will be flush mounted to the ceiling joist?

I want to make sure this would be code and safety compliant. Thank you.

One Answer

Like many things the hard part with running that conduit is getting started. A round box extension will work with your sconce and existing box, that will get you started:

round outdoor extension Bell 5363-0

If you don't have a box, just wires coming through the wall, you could use a regular round outdoor box surface mounted with the wires entering the KO in the back (with a fitting for the cable):

round outdoor box Bell 5361-0

Making it look right with the box between the sconce and the wall may be a challenge. There are stone boxes that go around an electrical box, it could be surface mounted on the brick

stone light box

enter image description here

but you would have a hard time drilling that for conduit. It would probably be easier to build a wood box around the electrical box to make a flat mounting surface for the sconce, or you could switch a different light.

Answered by batsplatsterson on January 5, 2022

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