Is frost build-up normal at the ingoing/outgoing pipes to the freezer evaporator?

Home Improvement Asked by CivFan on April 29, 2021

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Our freezer and fridge got worse and worse at cooling over the last week until yesterday I had to throw everything away.

I opened up the freezer and fresh food evaporator compartments. Both evaporators are doing some cooling. The fans for both are working.

The only thing that looks abnormal to me is this frost build-up in the freezer. But it’s only at the incoming/outgoing evaporator pipes, not on the fins.

Is this normal?

One Answer

This can indicate a few possibilities:

1: You are low on freon - this means you have a leak.

2: Dirty Coils - bad cooling- causes the pipes to freeze up like in your picture. Check your condenser coils.

3: No Airflow - your fans on the evaporator inside are not working causing this same condition. Also check your fan from Fridge to Freezer ..

Check items 2 and 3 First.


As was pointed out - I did not answer the question directly.

The Op Asked Is this normal?

The direct answer: No this is not normal.

Answered by Ken on April 29, 2021

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