How do I diagnose why my casement window is leaking?

Home Improvement Asked on December 15, 2020

My casement window leaks water to the inside when it’s raining. It has been leaking a while. It looks like it’s leaking between the glass unit and the sash but the caulk between the glass and the sash on the outside does not look compromised.

How can I diagnose and fix the problem?

leaking window

One Answer

Are you sure that the weep holes are not blocked? This issue should be notated in your owner's manual. Otherwise, the window may not have been correctly sloped and flashed in the frame, and it took this long for water infiltration to evidence. Is there rot on the underside of the window, when opened? Older Pella awning windows had a problem similar to this.

Answered by Mary on December 15, 2020

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