Heat pump always turns on with fan!

Home Improvement Asked by Andrea Jialanella on November 29, 2020

unit control panel

If I turn my fan on on my thermostats the heat pump turns on with heat or cool setting

There is a jumper wired from green to w1(the heat pump)

If I move the jumper to r (24v) and g and turn on the dip swith 8 (on – fan comes on with call for heat off – fan comes on with cool call) will it fix my problem?

I’m assuming I would have to adjust the dip switch for summer or winter?

We recently got a wood stove in step down den and it has a blower so we want to run the fan to circulate the heat from it

One Answer

Remove the jumper to G, turn dip switch 8 on, and enjoy.

The jumper between W1/Y1 and G on your board is what is causing the fan problem here. So, I would remove the jumper to the G wire (from W1/Y1) from the zone board with the indoor unit OFF at the service switch, flip dip switch 8 on the zone board to ON to make it so that the zone board calls for fan when a heat call comes in, turn the service switch on the indoor unit back ON, and enjoy your newfound comfort!

Answered by ThreePhaseEel on November 29, 2020

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