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Home Improvement Asked by Thirdshift on May 8, 2021

Is it a bad idea to put a fence post “through” patio stones? We’re building a patio and then enclosing 2 sides of it with a privacy wall. I want to make the patio larger than the enclosed area so there is extra space for storage behind the wall.

After researching the right way to install a 4×4 post this is the design I came up with.
enter image description here
The idea is that I’ll cut the patio stones to fit snug around each post. Then I’ll caulk the edges. Below the patio stone is the sand and gravel. Halfway through the gravel the concrete of the post starts; it’s dome shaped to divert water away from the post.

enter image description here

Things to note

  1. No dirt is touching the post; only sand and gravel
  2. 12′ pressure treated posts
  3. A little less than 4 bags (80#) each post
  4. Posts are 6′ apart

2 Answers

Running the posts through the patio stones shouldn't cause any serious concerns. However, even though you won't have topsoil directly against the post (which could accelerate decay even with pressure-treated), ground water could still compromise the base of the post with your design. Ideally you want the base of the post above the surface with the surround sloping away. That may not be desirable from an aesthetic perspective but it will give the posts a longer life-span.
One other option might be to bring up the domed concrete footing to just below the brick and then coat the bottom few inches of each post with a water-proof sealant up to just the top of the bricks so it won't be visible. These sealants come in various colors and most work fine with wood.
enter image description here

Answered by HoneyDo on May 8, 2021

I think your plan looks excellent, the dome on the concrete will be a big advantage at extending the life of the post. As long as your pavers do not have a low spot that hold water and rot the post I would give your plan 2 thumbs up this looks well thought out and solid.

Answered by Ed Beal on May 8, 2021

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