Does my panel have capacity for a dedicated window air conditioner circuit?

Home Improvement Asked on May 8, 2021

I have a window a/c unit cooling our upstairs room, an attic that was just finished when we bought the house. A lot of the electrical was redone when the house was remodeled but I don’t think they necessarily ran all new to those upstairs outlets-think the outlet used to run that window a/c is running a few other branches as well-point being when running on high sometimes it blows a breaker.

I am wondering if I can simply run a new dedicated 120 outlet to run just that. I have 3 available spots left in my breaker panel and I am proficient enough to do that-just wondering how I would know if I’m “maxing out” the breaker panel? Not that the a/c unit would use that much….

One Answer

You are running the unit now the breaker tripping is not unusual with a branch circuit and air conditioner. I would put a 20 amp circuit in with 12 awg wire. you can still use a duplex 15 amp receptacle or any combination of 20 amp receptacles a single would be ok if 20 amp rated.

Answered by Ed Beal on May 8, 2021

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