Arranging numbers into a grid using the Split Text extension and the Arrange dialog in Inkscape

Graphic Design Asked by saraf on November 30, 2020

I want to create a grid of numbers for a calendar like layout like this:

screenshot of inkscape 0.92

Steps to follow:

  1. Writing the numbers 1-9 separated by spaces in a text object.
  2. Extensions > Text > Split Text…, select Split by Words.
  3. Object > Arrange… set 3 rows by 3 columns, left-top aligned, Set spacing.

It works in Inkscape 0.92 but it fails in the latest 1.0.1 inkscape like this:
screenshot of inkscape 1.0.1


Of course, do this in the older Inkscape and copy paste the arranged grid into the latest version.


How to get this working in 1.0.1?

One Answer


If you want this to work in inkscape 1.0.1, instead of using auto-flowed text, that is created when you draw a text box by click dragging, just click once and start typing the text that you want to split later.

This is a known issue in Inkscape 1.0.1 and is listed here - in the inkscape issue tracker

Credit: Thanks a lot to Nathan L from #inkscape on IRC for helping with this!

Answered by saraf on November 30, 2020

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