Feature extraction for sand dunes and hills using DEM

Geographic Information Systems Asked by San Shaw on May 9, 2021

I want to extract only sand dunes, ridges and hills from a DEM.
Note that there are other elevated objects in the DEM as well and on the mountains and ridges that I don’t want.
Is there any way i can automate or semi- automate.
Currently i have to mark these features manually, which is very laboursome task.

Hill extraction from image can also work for me if i can make a mask of features i require and later use that mask for feature extraction on DEM.

One Answer

While I don't have any experience in doing this procedure, I have heard of similar examples. Here are some articles that could help:

  • (open access) "Automated accuracy assessment for ridge and valley polylines using high-resolution digital elevation models"

  • (open access) "A GIS add-in for automated measurement of sand dune migration using LiDAR-derived multitemporal and high-resolution digital elevation models"

There are also some articles out there for automated detection of drumlins, another form of hill.

Answered by cmrRose on May 9, 2021

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