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Unity - Understanding the SRP batcher

Im trying to understand the SRP batcher. I have a scene with 300 fairly low-poly models. These are my rendering stats with SRP Batcher: ...

Asked on 11/12/2021 by Majs

2 answer

My GameObject keeps spawning when it shouldn't

I'm trying to instantiate a new gameObject when the current gameObject gets to a select point. The problem comes when the program gets to the second if() statement. It sets...

Asked on 11/09/2021 by Michael Hampshire

2 answer

SAT Collisions: Resolving rotations

Currently I have a working 2D SAT collision system with only boxes, but works with static rotations as well, leaving room for triangles. One of the issues I've been able...

Asked on 11/09/2021 by John Claire

1 answer

Texture blends into one single color

It looks like that it's being sampled from the least detailed MIP level, at least RenderDoc sees the texture as it should be, and what the actual texture looks like...

Asked on 11/09/2021 by Andrey K

1 answer

Gaps in custom body parts export for Daz Genesis 8 character

I am trying to attach a custom mesh to a Daz Genesis 8 character, and export it into Unreal Engine. I use a custom script (namely: goldenpalace - NSFW); it...

Asked on 11/09/2021 by Dávid László

0 answer

What is the process for porting my game SFML from Windows to Mac

I've recently finished version one of a simple arcade game I've been making in SFML. I've already spent months on the physics engine and game, and I'm wondering how much...

Asked on 11/09/2021 by john_shreds

1 answer

Player jitters when Jumping at object edges

So I have a bit of an issue with my Player controller script. Everything works fine except with very specific jump cases. If I jump at an object and I...

Asked on 11/09/2021 by cgaudet

1 answer

My bullets won't bounce in Unity?

I wanted bullets to bounce when they hit walls. However when colliding with a wall, they just jitter about on them. I didn't want to create a new physics material...

Asked on 11/06/2021 by kayra yorulmaz

1 answer

How to save boolean to player prefs in Unity?

I'm making a player settings thing where the user can turn off or turn on the game music by clicking buttons. I had this script below and everything was working...

Asked on 11/02/2021

2 answer

How to time draw images to the window in d3d8

I need to be able to draw one image then have it disappear then draw the next image then disappear.I can draw 1 image on the window but I...

Asked on 11/02/2021 by kite

0 answer

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