How do you say the command “Walter, to work.” in French?

French Language Asked by CubbyKushi on November 29, 2020

In episode 5 of the anime Hellsing Ultimate, the leader of the best organisation in the world in slaying vampires is surrounded by vampires ?‍♂️. She isn’t nervous one bit. She then gives her right-hand man, her butler named Walter, the command “ Walter, to work.” Walter then kills all the vampires surrounding her.

I very much would like to know how to say the command “…, to work.” in French. Does anybody know? enter image description here

I first thought that “Walter, to work.” is short for “Walter, off to work.”. But I don’t think this is true because I feel like the command “Walter, to work.“ is formal whereas the command “Walter, off to work” is not. I feel that this is true because the sentence “I’m off to work.” isn’t formal at all.

Lol so again ?, how do I say the formal command “Walter, to work.” in French?

Thank you for your help! ?

Side notes:

(1) Her family is and has been extremely rich for generations.

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As I mentioned in a comment and then neglected, you can simply say:

« Walter, au travail ! »

« Walter, au boulot ! »

Au travail is probably the more formal, but not by much. Both would work.

Thanks to @Dimitris and the community for the nudge.

Answered by livresque on November 29, 2020

No native speaker. Just my two cents:

Walter, au boulot ! Au boulot, Walter !

or even better (following user @jlliagre suggestion)

Walter, au travail ! Au travail, Walter !

(see the comments of users @livresque and @jlliagre).

Answered by Dimitris on November 29, 2020

Here are some possibilities.

  • Mets-toi à l'œuvre, Walter !

  • À l'œuvre, Walter ! — , Walter, à l'œuvre !

  • Walter, mets-toi à la tâche !

Answered by LPH on November 29, 2020

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