low_search Field Grid and a relationship inside a column of the grid

ExpressionEngine® Answers Asked by Truong on October 2, 2021

I saw a similar question from 5 years ago, but I stumble upon the same question concerning low_search and combination with grid field and inside a column with a relationshipship.

Does low_search allow for a combination search of the two?
I presume it would have syntax like this:

Does anyone have a lead how to manage a search like this?

The question from 2015:
Channel Entries – searching relationship field?

Or do I need to write a custom filter for this?

One Answer

Looks like it was in the documentation all along:

The correct filter syntax you can use to search for relationship field inside a grid: child:grid_field_name:column_name_insidegrid

Correct answer by Truong on October 2, 2021

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