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Non-EU + DE Niederlassungserlaubnis --> CZ Work Contract and work from DE?

I have a German Niederlassungserlaubnis (got it recently). I have a Czech Republic (CZ) based entity's job offer in the meanwhile, who seems to be ok with me working mostly...

Asked on 01/02/2022 by stealth

1 answer

What can I do with the fine from the police of Berlin that hasn't yet come per Post?

About a month ago I was riding a bike (Berlin) and have been stopped by Police for not properly crossing the road. They said that the bill (~ 100 Euro)...

Asked on 01/02/2022

1 answer

UK Driving License

I hold a driving license from the outside of the UK which is not valid to exchange. At the same time, I already have an UK privisional license. Does it...

Asked on 01/02/2022 by Florian Grace

2 answer

Will I receive my SSN automatically by mail?

I arrived in the US on July 5th 2020 on an F4 visa. I assume that I don’t have to apply for a Social Security number, considering I have asked...

Asked on 12/22/2021 by Golrokh Nikkhah

0 answer

Visas for a couple to move to France and form a micro-entreprise

My wife and I are planning to move to France as soon as possible. I think the best option would be if I got a profession libérale visa and then...

Asked on 12/22/2021 by uncaged

0 answer

Spouse without marriage in Denmark

I am an EU citizen working in Denmark and my boyfriend is also an EU citizen, studying (not working) in Denmark. We are not married, but live together. I recently...

Asked on 12/19/2021 by Balloon

1 answer

Changing title in the same company under Blue Card

I have blue card, and I want to change my role within the same employer. Working hours, address, and salary are all same as well.Do I need to get...

Asked on 12/19/2021

2 answer

Is it possible to change an internship visa to a work visa in Germany without leaving the country?

I'm from India and I'm currently doing an internship in Germany. The organization that gave me the internship also offered me a job now. Is it possible for me to...

Asked on 12/11/2021

1 answer

Polish Blue-Card to German Permanent Residency

I'm holding a Polish Blue-Card (for almost 2 years). I'm planning to relocate to Germany and apply for Permanent Residency If I move to Germany, will my 2 years of...

Asked on 12/09/2021 by Erick Aky

1 answer

Do I need to be employed to apply for German permanent residence after 21 months as a Blue Card owner?

21 months already has passed while I worked in Germany (Berlin) as Blue Card owner. Can I just quit the job, pass B1 exam and apply for permanent residence? Or...

Asked on 12/09/2021

0 answer

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