Reason for a transaction and 2 cancelling transactions being stuck?

Ethereum Asked by Ixx on November 23, 2020

I sent a transaction. Shortly after, I decided to cancel it, so made a cancel transaction (using MetaMask). After a while, since nothing was happening, I sped up the cancel transaction, i.e. sent a 2nd cancel transaction with more gas.

Now 20 minutes have passed and I see all 3 transactions in Etherscan with state "pending". All 3 show the expected (?) status:

Duplicate Nonce (found 2 other duplicate Pending Txn #1, #2 with the same `From` Account Nonce)

I also confirmed that all have the same nonce (which I assume causes the message above).

My question is why does this happen? Is it some sort of network congestion or something specific to my account? And what can I do to fix it? Do I’ve to keep sending cancel transactions with more gas (MetaMask doesn’t seem to allow to enter a high amount from the beginning)?

Edit: I was able to solve it by retrying the original transaction. The retry transaction was marked as "failed" and the other 3 disappeared. Effectively it was cancelled. Still would like to understand this better.

One Answer

It must've been due to a too low gas price. Gas prices can be highly volatile so by the time your transaction arrives in the mem pool it may already be too low.

Correct answer by MrClottom on November 23, 2020

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