"Dropped & Replaced" tx - what should I do?

Ethereum Asked by Eamorr on December 7, 2020

I requested a USDT withdrawal from Bilaxy exchange to my Binance USDT (ERC20) account.

However, on etherscan, the transaction shows as "Dropped & Replaced".

Do you guys think I shhould I contact Bilaxy and ask them to resend it?

The Ethereum seems to be really slow and expensive at the moment??!

One Answer

"Dropped & Replaced" means the transaction has been replaced by a new one and the new one has been validated by the network (more info here :

Ethereum is effectively currently overloaded and the average gas price is very high (see here : My guess is that Bilaxy resent the transaction with a higher gas cost in order to match the current average price accepted by the miners.

Correct answer by clement on December 7, 2020

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