any good way to keep listenning the events of erc20 transfer and noticed by a url call

Ethereum Asked by Louis on December 18, 2020

I think I can keep calling by etherscan to find new transactions and I the best way is that I can receive a url callback once an event created on erc20 token event log. Any API I can use for this? Or I must keep calling etherscan API for doing this?

2 Answers

Cindercloud has an API which allows you to do this. Internally,it uses geth and parity filters, but provides you with readable data.

Answered by Qkyrie on December 18, 2020

Both geth and parity support Log filters. You can easily run a node and subscribe to the Transfer event for tokens you care about (or all Transfer events if you wish), and then pass that information onto whichever system needs it.

eth_newFilter will let you create this filter, and eth_getFilterChanges will let you receive updates.

Answered by Raghav Sood on December 18, 2020

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