Word, Idiom, or other Fixed Expression for "Stopping someone from doing something"

English Language & Usage Asked on November 30, 2020

In my office I had stopped one of my colleagues from working on a project.
And I had to inform it to someone.

And using sentence

I had stopped him from working on it.

shows a bit of less respect for the person who was asked not to work on something.

I searched for it and found words "Restrain" & "Refrain".

Which of these(or any other word) would be best to use here?

And is there anything other than this (like idioms or phrases) to use in these situations? and sound a bit more formal and respectful?


2 Answers

reallocated (as a "resource")

Examples of usage (dated 2003 and 2020, respectively):

Four approaches to staff reallocation in project management

‘Your country needs you’: the ethics of allocating staff...

I found reallocated while searching online for reassigned (to another duty) and pulled (from a project), which could be options if spinned positively.

Answered by KannE on November 30, 2020

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