A word for raising your voice (not shouting/yelling)

English Language & Usage Asked by Erika on August 9, 2020

I’m currently writing a book in English, which is not my first language, and I just can’t find the right word for talking with your voice raised, except for shouting and yelling..

"Alejandro, come talk to your dad on the phone," she … from the living room.

I don’t know which word fits the blank; said is too simple/boring and doesn’t express the tone of the voice as much as the other words, but yelled and shouted are too aggressive.. I also thought of ‘called out’, but I’m not sure..

I’m really confused, someone help me..

2 Answers

  • she bellowed from the living room. [strong, in a deep voice]
  • she sang out from the living room. [loud but easy to hear]
  • she trilled from the living room. [like a bird]
  • she called out from the living room [loud but not shouting, commonly used]
  • she intoned from the living room [to utter in singing tones]
  • she urged him from the living room [to encourage, slight anxiety]

Sorry, I am not going to do the dictionary thing today.

You should choose a word that matches the mother's personality.

Answered by Lambie on August 9, 2020

How about the verb, to project.

project, verb

cause (a sound, especially the voice) to be heard at a distance.

When someone is being loud, not yelling, but their voice goes very far and is loud to those near, they are "projecting their voice." It would not be incorrect to simply say, "project" and drop "their voice."

"Alejandro, come talk to your dad on the phone," she projected from the living room.

Otherwise, perhaps just use an adverb like loudly to modify "called out," "said," etc.

Answered by Tyler N on August 9, 2020

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