Start in insert state based on minor mode

Emacs Asked by Alex R on December 8, 2020

I would like the org capture buffer (which IIUC is in org-capture-mode, a minor mode) to start in insert state; It seems that both the evil-insert-state-modes variable and the evil-set-initial-state function operate over major modes (or at least, when I run org-capture after modifying the former or calling the latter, the buffer that opens up does not start in insert state).

Does anyone ahve any suggestions?

One Answer

I had a similar problem as I wanted the annotation contents editor of PDF-tools to start in insert mode. For that case a working solution is to add pdf-annot-edit-contents-minor-mode to the list of evil-insert-state-modes using M-x customize-variable. So just add the correct minor-mode to that list.

Answered by dalanicolai on December 8, 2020

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