No file transfer window?

elementary OS Asked by edoardo on November 10, 2021

New to the forum and to elementary OS, trying it out and enjoying it very much for the moment, thanks to the devs!
I’m transferring a big folder from an external hard disk to the pc and I find it quite strange not to have a files transfer window popping up and showing me the transfer speed, the amount of time elapsed and so on.
Is it a deliberate decision not to have this window or is it just my fresh installation who’s somehow missing it? Or is it an optional feature maybe?

One Answer

You should see a progress bar in the icon in the dock? There are some known bugs in the progress window at the moment e.g. see and I find that after some file transfers, the operation is not properly cleaned up (e.g. the progress bar in the plank icon may continue to show) which may affect subsequent operations. Hopefully it will be fixed in the not too distant future.

Answered by Jeremy Wootten on November 10, 2021

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