Testing a diode's electrical characteristics with temperature control

Electrical Engineering Asked by Donald Krambeck on January 4, 2022

I would like to test a few diodes electrical characteristics at their device low limit, ambient, and device high limit temperatures.

I was thinking of using a Peltier element with a heat sink, but I’m not too sure how this would look like with sending current pulses.

The Peltier element could be put in a thermal chamber, but wouldn’t the length of test leads cause interference with impedance and such?

The diodes of test are listed here:


One Answer

If you are anticipating an inbound test environment (hundreds to thousands of devices) then I assume you want to test in tape/reel mount with pin probes. I'd suggest:

  1. Ambient tests simply at room temperature
  2. Room temperature environment High temperature test using self heating (perhaps use a thermal imager to measure temperature if you want close spec)
  3. Low temperature testing may be the largest challenge, but perhaps you could use a compressed air cooler. These can get you to -40 degC (with pre-cooled air supply) and I've used them for high power cpu tests with no heatsinks, holding a cpu at about 0 DegC. for example Exair cold gun

If you are testing complete reels, then of course you could use a small environmental chamber, fitting your reel to reel testing station inside.

The use of a peltier is possible, though I think it would slow your testing rate.

Answered by Jack Creasey on January 4, 2022

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