Mute / blank an amplifier fast

Electrical Engineering Asked by P. Egli on December 28, 2020

I would like to build a circuit to mute an RF Class A amplifier to supress noise while I am not transmitting. I transmit ~20 us long pulses at ~1-5 MHz. In the time between the RF pulses, I would like to suppress the noise generated by the amplifier. The peak power is 300 watts (50 Ohm system, meaning I reach ~180 Vp during the pulse). However, the duty cycle is low, typically < 5%. Ideally switching times (arm & disarm) should be around 1 us. I have a 5 V AWG marker signal that I could use to control the blanking circuit.

Do you have a circuit idea for me?


PS: The amplifier can handle reflection.

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