Keithley 2450 Charge/Discharge adjusting appropiate V and I

Electrical Engineering Asked by esilik on December 4, 2020

I’m using Keithley 2450 model for charging/discharging battery. My aim is to find charge/discharge characteristics of 100mAH 9V battery. In the following link, they have described discharge characteristics of 2300mAH AA battery.

Rechargeable Battery Charge/Discharge
Cycling Using the Keithley Model 2450
SMU Instrument

The first question during this process is, how can I adjust the proper values for X Voltage batteries and Y ilimit level (current). The second question is what is (smu.source.range = 2) in the codes, would I also adjust it for different voltages?

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Ok so I've checked the TSP code example in the appendix in the application note.

I'm not certain but I think at least you need to change smu.source.range from 2 to 20 (to set a 20V range). Then determine your charge rate (0.2C is in the example i.e. 0.2(C) x 2.3(AH) = 460e-3 (A)) and set this value for the smu.source.ilimit.level & smu.measure.range.

So for your 0.1Ah battery 0.2C would be 20mA.

Answered by SpaceCadet on December 4, 2020

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