How to verify if power supply is enough to handle power consumption spike?

Electrical Engineering Asked by Vincent Diallo-Nort on August 19, 2020

I am looking to find out how to analyze what will happen to a power supply if my load suddenly draws more current. On my current example ( but that also happen to me with different components ) For example, the power supply is 5 V with 2.4 A, what if I over draw the current?

How do I calculate the voltage drop on a power supply if I draw X amount of current more than what the supply can handle for Y seconds?

One Answer

Yes find a higher power supply. Peak power is intended for the spike when you turn on the device.

Most circuits and especially those with electromechanical components such as disk drives, motors, fans, actuators and pumps, requires start-up currents that are usually higher than the steady current that the equipment draws when operating normally.

Answered by user103579 on August 19, 2020

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