How to receive a startup hex string during a debug session?

Electrical Engineering Asked by markhollis on November 26, 2020

This is my setup:

I have a ‘smart display’ connected to the serial interface of a PCB with a PIC microcontroller. The PIC powers the smart display.
This smart display uses a boot mechanism.
When the power is on, the display start bootup. This process takes a few seconds.
At bootup, the display sends a hex string to the serial interface.

I want to debug this serial interface using MPLAB X: I want to see the values of the received hex data.
However, during a debug session, it always hangs in an infinite while loop of an EUSART routine, waiting for data to receive.

I can’t find a way to ‘catch’ this hex string during a debug session. Is there a way to receive hex string somehow?

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