how to NOT have calibre reduce pictures' resolution when converting from epub (or anything I guess) to MOBI

Ebooks Asked by Mehdi Saada on July 31, 2021

I’m selling art ebooks on KDP Amazon, and I need the pictures not be shrinked as they automatically are when passing from odt to mobi/epub.
But it would be easier if Amazon didn’t have to convert epub itself, time-wise to begin with, and also since there are errors here and there (rarely but still) and it just can’t do it sometimes. A hussle.
Now, I’m forced to make epub from libreoffice, then correct it a bit sometime with sigil, then provide it to Amazon. Too time-consuming.


One Answer

If you go to:

Preferences->Preferences->Common Options->Page Setup

you can set the Output Profile to Tablet. The Profile description reads:

Intended for generic tablet devices, does no resizing of images [Screen size: unlimited]

Answered by beaker on July 31, 2021

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