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What is the status of meteorological data exchange standards?

How do the web services exchange meteorological data? One method is transferring NetCDF and GRIB data and hooking them up to your software. I read here about the...

Asked on 01/04/2022

2 answer

How to estimate the runoff time for my area?

I want to use an rainfall-runoff model for pluvial flash floods and need to choose for my synthetic rain event the appropriate duration. In the literature it often says that...

Asked on 01/04/2022

1 answer

What software libraries, tools or frameworks do you use for turning tabular sensor data from the field into cleaned data files

Cleaning data and turning it into a useable format that can be integrated with other datasets is a time-consuming task that earth scientists face when using sensor data. Most sensors...

Asked on 01/04/2022

0 answer

Why is a mild earthquake often mistaken as dizziness or vertigo?

Is it due to the longitudinal nature of the seismic waves? When a heavy bus or truck goes by at high-speed, the shaking in nearby ground is not mistaken as...

Asked on 12/16/2021

4 answer

Is there a massive drop in quality of Cretaceous vs. Triassic dinosaur fossils?

One thing that still blows my mind about dinosaurs is the massive timeline. Relevant to this question are the time periods:Triassic Period (252.17 to 201.3 million...

Asked on 11/30/2021

2 answer

Is there any correlation between Australia's uranium deposits and the unique animals?

Australian animals are very different than the rest of the world. I wonder if the radiation of Australia's Uranium deposits have anything to do with why animals uniquely evolved? For...

Asked on 11/17/2021

2 answer

Is it hotter in different places with the same air temperature?

I am from (and live in) Minnesota, USA. In the summer here it always reaches temperatures in the 90s (F) for periods of time but not every week. The humidity...

Asked on 11/05/2021

4 answer

Book Introduction to Climate Change

The question might be in an opinion-based grey zone. If it is, I apologize. My wife and I want to get informed about climate change.We want to read a...

Asked on 10/05/2021 by JVBK

3 answer

Color of Sunsets

I heard that hot weather in the summer makes the pastel colors of the sunset sky more vivid and more red? Is this true? But I also heard that in...

Asked on 10/05/2021

2 answer

Where to find reliable snowfall rate data?

Would you please let me know where I can find/download reliable snowfall rate datasets? I am looking for multiple weather stations (in different regions) or field measured data, that contain...

Asked on 10/02/2021

1 answer

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