Update existing node (not created by Migrate) via Migrate 8.5.x

Drupal Answers Asked by Vaibhav Rana on December 3, 2020

I have got existing Drpal 8.5 site with hundreds of nodes. With migrate, if i try to upgrade, new nodes are rather created. Node have a field which is being used as key however that seem to be not working. It seems that node are only updated if their record present in migrate_map_xyz. Any suggestions?

One Answer

Updating existing content was possible by changing the default behaviour of a migration with the system of record concept in Drupal 7.

In Drupal 8 this concept has been revised & is available with the overwrite_properties option in the destination of the migration YAML:

  plugin: 'entity:node'
  # define the entity properties that are to be updated.
    - title
    - field_foo
    - field_bar

Answered by baikho on December 3, 2020

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