How do I add a template suggestion for a Views block?

Drupal Answers Asked by wbeasley on October 21, 2020

I am very much so new to Drupal and have moved to this platform after working with Magento for 5 years.
I am trying to create a template for a view. I have created the twig template under /templates/views/ called views-view–partners–partners–sales.html.twig but do not know how to hook the theme into using this twig template.

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Inside sites/default/services.yml add config like this:

    debug: true

(and clear the cache) and it will turn on twig debug mode, which will give you information (inside html comments in page source) on what templates are used and possible template name suggestions to override those templates.

Answered by MilanG on October 21, 2020

You need to name your template based on the rules for Views templates.

For example, "views-view--partners--partners--sales.html.twig" would mean:

  • viewid: partners
  • view-display-id: partners
  • fieldid: sales

If this is correct, then all you need to do is clear the cache and reload; the template should be picked up automatically.

Answered by Patrick Kenny on October 21, 2020

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