Custom Field Type is missing in Feeds Importer

Drupal Answers Asked on February 11, 2021

I’ve got a problem with feeds importer. I’ve created a custom field type, and added a field with this field type to my content. If I try to import data via feeds importer, in mapping, this field is missing. Do I have to tell my custom field type that it is useable within feeds-importer?

One Answer

You might need to create a target for your custom field type with the help of hook_feeds_processor_targets_alter and here is a code sample for doing so:

function MYMODULE_feeds_processor_targets_alter(&$targets, $entity_type, $bundle_name)
    foreach (field_info_instances($entity_type, $bundle_name) as $name => $instance)
        $info = field_info_field($name);
        if ($info['type']=='MYFIELDTYPE1')
            //The callback for this field type goes here.
            $callback = 'TARGET_SETTER_FOR_MYFIELDTYPE1';

        if ($info['type']=='MYFIELDTYPE2')
            //The callback for this field type goes here.
            $callback = 'TARGET_SETTER_FOR_MYFIELDTYPE2';
        //Add cases for each field type here

        if (isset($callback))
            $targets[$name] =array(
                'callback' => $callback,
                'description' => t('The @label field of the node.', array('@label' => $instance['label'])),

Answered by Pravin Ajaaz on February 11, 2021

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