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How do I test if my DX5e antenna is still good?

I have a second hand DX5e tx that I haven't really used a ton yet, just on a little Blade Inductrix, within my house. However, the upper plastic end is...

Asked on 11/29/2021

1 answer

Estimate safe ESC curerent for 4108 600kv motors?

Is there a way to safely guess what current ESC's will need to be with this motor (or any motor in general)? The motors are rated 23A in...

Asked on 11/20/2021

1 answer

Is there a method to wire a brushless motor to an ESC so it spins in the required direction first time?

So I know that three phase motors will reverse direction when 2 wires are swapped round, or that the direction can be changed in software (such as BLHeli). But is...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by RJBulger

1 answer

Could a drone collect a river sample?

I know very little about drones, but I'm trying to learn if collecting river samples is something that could be done autonomously using commercial drones?Is it possible to give the...

Asked on 08/19/2021

3 answer

Can a receiver get damaged if you power it up without an antenna?

My r-xsr receiver short circuited after a crash recently. When investigating the reason, I found two things; The filtering capacitor had come loose, as well as one of the antennae...

Asked on 08/19/2021

1 answer

Is it safe to fly LiPo batteries after they get "puffy"?

Some of my LiPo batteries got "puffy" after a few months. Is it still safe to fly them, or should I safely dispose of them? ...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by David O.

2 answer

Crossfire/Unify - Change Settings in TX and in OSD

I have a Crossfire Nano RX and a Unify Pro32 Nano VTX. I'm using the CRSF setting and wiring to allow the LUA script in the radio to change...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by Schome1

2 answer

At what point does drone insurance become worth it?

Should the average enthusiast buy drone insurance? I'm expecting it to be essential for commercial use, or if the drone was used in a busy area, but what if the...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by Krish

4 answer

Can I replace the 433MHz modules on my homemade remote controller with an NRF24 transreciever?

I built a simple 4 channel 433MHz transmitter and receiver because I can't afford a remote controller. The range is limited to 3 feet and NFR24 transreceivers have a longer...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by David Teahay

1 answer

Do aerodynamics scale for model aircraft?

If I wanted to make a scale model plane that looked like a real aircraft, could I just scale down all of the measurements of the actual aircraft to make...

Asked on 08/19/2021

4 answer
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