What does an image pose (camera to world) mean?

Data Science Asked on May 8, 2021

I have 1000 2D images of a 3D scene. For each image, I have pose (camera to world) as follows:

[[-9.55421e-01  1.19616e-01 -2.69932e-01  2.65583e+00]
 [ 2.95248e-01  3.88339e-01 -8.72939e-01  2.98160e+00]
 [ 4.07581e-04 -9.13720e-01 -4.06343e-01  1.36865e+00]
 [ 0.00000e+00  0.00000e+00  0.00000e+00  1.00000e+00]]

What does this matrix represent? Does it tell us something about relation between the 2D image and 3D scene?

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