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Time-series grouped cross-validation

I have data with the following structure:created_at | customer_id | features | target2019-01-01 2 xxxxxxxx...

Asked on 07/29/2020

3 answer

Does it make sense to train kalman filter on unscaled (Timeseries-)data, to clean it?

I have Timeseries data to clean and I got the tip to use a kalman Filter. My Question is, does it make sense to "fit" this kalman-filters parameters to an...

Asked on 07/27/2020 by Iroquois_Pliskin

0 answer

Hypothesis Testing on Prediction from Random Forest Classifier

I used a random forest classifier to predict 0,1, 0 indicating non-prevalence of a disease, and 1 indicating the disease is prevalent. I want to see if having a feature...

Asked on 07/27/2020 by user12840093

0 answer

Transformer-based architectures for regression tasks

As far as I've seen, transformer-based architectures are always trained with classification tasks (one-hot text tokens for example). Are you aware of any architectures using attention and solving regression tasks?...

Asked on 07/27/2020 by Damjan Dakic

1 answer

Actual number of iterations

I am currently using TF 2.1. When using with, it shows me that the number of iterations is 2044/2043. So my question is, how many batches of data...

Asked on 07/26/2020 by Vincent Yong

0 answer

Using Orange for LDA in classification task

Is there a way to use LDA for classification using Orange? If so, would anyone be able to point me in the direction of how I could implement LDA in...

Asked on 07/26/2020 by Mátyás Bukva

0 answer

What's the difference between keras api augmentation and data augmentation definition?

The augmentation definition is increasing the number of images by using rotation, crop and flip to avoid overfitting. The keras API apply augmentation but no increasing the number of image....

Asked on 07/24/2020 by Osama Hefny

1 answer

Accuracy gain vs amount of data in Neural Networks

There's a theoretical question I tackled upon in the excellent book Neural Networks and Deep Learning by Michael Nielsen, which I would love to discuss about. The question is:How do...

Asked on 07/23/2020 by Jjang

0 answer

features importance

Suppose I have dataset labeled with two classes such as healthy and unhealthy and I applied feature selection (features importance)on dataset.How can I know that features are...

Asked on 07/22/2020 by lona

2 answer

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