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What statistical analysis to used for kinetic data with multiple groups?

In my data set I have two numerical variables Score which is the measurement performed, and the collection time (Time), also a categorical variable which is Treatment that contains 5...

Asked on 08/05/2020 by Carlos Valenzuela

1 answer

In R, why do the p-values from anova() change when you add more predictors?

When conducting linear regression in R, I am trying to understand how certain p-values are calculated and what they represent. So far this is my understanding: The p-values from summary()...

Asked on 08/04/2020 by M. Smith

0 answer

Random forest after cross validation

i have been wondering for some time now how random forests (or AdaBoost, doesn't matter) are built when using cross-validation.Let's see we're using 5-fold cross validation to train random...

Asked on 08/01/2020 by Steven Niggebrugge

1 answer

Grey relation between two datasets?

I am trying to compare two datasets representing the same output. The dataset is categorical.For example, my first data output is (1)100-200 (2)200-300 (3) 200-300 (4) 300-400 etc....

Asked on 07/31/2020 by Msilvy

0 answer

General procedures for combined feature selection, model tuning, and model selection?

What is the general procedure for a combined task of model tuning (i.e., hyperparameter selection), feature selection and model selection? I know some basic principles for each task, but...

Asked on 07/31/2020 by uared1776

1 answer

Classification model not working for a large dataset

I'm working with an online retail order dataset consisting on 3 columns: Client ID, month of purchase and Product ID (one-hot encoded). Something like this: ...

Asked on 07/30/2020 by Gabriel Ullmann

1 answer

Sigma algebra generated by random variable on a set with generators

I'm having trouble proving an intuitive result I found in these lecture notes I'm using for self-study (1.2.14 there). Suppose $X$ is a $(mathbb{S}, mathcal{S})$-valued...

Asked on 07/28/2020 by Gabriel

0 answer

What is the seasonal trend lowess model in time series?

I am trying to understand how the trend line is produced automatically from software I am using for time series (iNZight). A textbook I have says "a local weighted regression...

Asked on 07/28/2020 by Christopher U

0 answer

Non seasonal and seasonal parameters of this time-series

The ACF and PACF of a stationary timeseries "myts" is as given below: > myts ...

Asked on 07/27/2020 by StatsMonkey

0 answer

Extended Cox model and cox.zph

I have previously had experience only with Cox PH model and its assumptions checking.Now for the first time I have my clients data with most of the covariates varying...

Asked on 07/25/2020 by Finance

2 answer

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