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Is this moka still safe to use?

My Bialetti Moka has porous holes that seem to go beneath the surface. These pictures show those small holes. (click...

Asked on 10/04/2021

1 answer

What are these spots on the inside of my moka pot? Do I need to remove them?

I've got these spots on the inside the bottom section of my Bialetti Moka Express: They are placed pretty evenly around the...

Asked on 10/03/2021

1 answer

Should any coffee be extracted during pre-infusion?

I have a Breville Express, 870XL I think, (single broiler, built in grinder). Lately during pre-infusion, a lot of coffee has been coming through before the pressure ramps up, while...

Asked on 09/25/2021 by Jason McCarrell

4 answer

What coffees are the least acidic?

I don't like coffees with an acidic/sour taste. However, when buying coffee, the only "rating" one gets is often how "strong" the coffee is, and that does not help me....

Asked on 08/31/2021 by Ludwik

5 answer

How to avoid soya milk curdling in coffee?

I like to make a coffee with soya milk. Sometimes when I add the milk to the coffee, it curdles. ie it separates into lumps floating in translucent liquid. So...

Asked on 08/31/2021 by vclaw

12 answer

Why does water remain in the bottom chamber after brewing with a moka pot?

We are new owners of a Espress Nero four cup Moka Pot by Vev-Vigano. We have followed instructions from print sources, on-line articles, and YouTube videos and have yet...

Asked on 08/31/2021 by satterly.butte

1 answer

Hario V60 Plastic Dripper vs Ceramic Dripper: Is there any difference in brew quality?

I am planning on purchasing a V60 and was wondering if there was any difference between the brew produced by the plastic and the ceramic Hario V60? ...

Asked on 08/31/2021 by Stanimiroff

3 answer

Tap water or bottled water?

What is generally considered better for the perfect cup of filtered coffee. Tap water or bottled water? The water in London, UK is fairly soft but has loads of calcium...

Asked on 08/31/2021

8 answer

Issue pressing down French Press

I haven't had this issue happen often, but its been a few times. When I make French Press coffee my steps are to:Boil waterPut coffee grinds in French PressPour hot...

Asked on 08/31/2021 by katyp93

5 answer

Chemex Setting for Bay Area Costco Grinder Machines

I recently bought Peet’s ground coffee at Costco for the first time. It's too fine for Chemex (although usable) so next time I plan to buy whole beans and grind...

Asked on 08/31/2021

2 answer

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