Can you identify this game with a mate in 12?

Chess Asked by rolando2 on December 23, 2020

I vaguely remember it being from a game played in the USSR ca. 1960. I’m certain it was from before 1985.

[fen "2k1r2r/ppn3pq/b7/5p2/5Qn1/2N1B1P1/1P3PB1/2RR2K1 w - - 0 1"]

One Answer

I can't find the actual game neither in my database nor at, say, However, the position appears as puzzle 210 -- with the apt description "Running around like a squirrel in a cage" -- in the book 1000 Checkmate Combinations by Victor Henkin, and there it is attributed to a game Aleksandrov-Zaitsev 1974.

Correct answer by ETD on December 23, 2020

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