Strange baking result

Blender Asked by Joel Doorman on January 4, 2022

I got this baking texture out of this mesh, it as a normal albedo map and emissive, I just simply need to bake the material with the direct and indirect lightning from the emissive, but as it looks, the baking does not work. UV Result the texture does not translate to reality, do you guys know what is going on? The last image is how it looks in unity. I need help thank you in advance.enter image description here

One Answer

Okay I found the problem, actually you cannot bake a 1 mesh with 2 types of materials, a ColorBase and Emissive cannot be baked, doing a recap a mesh cannot iluminate itself. Maybe it sounds logical, but i tried so many times and results of trying has shown me that it is no posible.

Answered by Joel Doorman on January 4, 2022

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